financial sponsorship is an agreement by an agency, company, Embassy, or other organization to pay all or a portion of a student’s tuition and fees. The specific tuition and fees the sponsor agrees to pay are called the authorized charges.

When the University bills the sponsor, a Third Party Sponsorship credit is placed on the student's account that allows the student to continue attending classes while the University waits for payment from the sponsor. This credit does not represent payment from the sponsor or relieve a student of his or her financial responsibilities. If the sponsor does not pay the bill by end of the academic term, the Third Party Sponsorship credit may be removed from the student's account and the unpaid charges may be placed back on the student's account.

Sponsored Billing is not the same thing as tuition reimbursement between a student and an employer or other organization. Under tuition reimbursement, a student is required to prove they already paid for tuition and fees and earned certain grades before they can request reimbursement directly from an employer or other organization. The University is not involved in tuition reimbursement agreements between students and their employers or any other organization.


View the Forms page on our website for sponsorship forms.

KU Sponsorship Policy

Sponsor will acknowledge and provide the following to KU:

  • Completed sponsorship authorization form detailing:
    1. Student’s full name and KUID number (last 4 digits social security number may be provided if sponsor cannot obtain KUID)
    2. Term & Year time period for which the authorization is valid (e.g. Fall 2013)
    3. Provide the exact dollar amount or percentage of tuition and fees
    4. Provide your identification numbers or contract numbers for KU to list on the bill, if applicable
  • Deadlines to deliver completed authorizations (authorizations received after the appropriate semester deadline may not be accepted):
    • Fall – July 15
    • Spring – December 15
    • Summer – May 1
  • Contact name, email address, phone number, fax number, FEIN, and billing address
  • Pay all enrollment adjustments on a student’s account when applicable (adding/dropping classes)
  • Pay KU upon receipt of bill
    Future sponsorships cannot be setup until current sponsorships are paid in full.
  • Letter to Sponsors

KU will provide the following to the Sponsor:

  • Transfer eligible charges (tuition & fees) from appropriate student(s) KU account(s) as indicated by the sponsor and place a summary of charges on the Sponsor account

    Any amounts not covered by a Sponsor will be the responsibility of the student.
  • Bill the Sponsor on or about the 20th day of classes for each term
  • Provide an invoice summary presenting the total amount per student
  • Provide your identification numbers or contract numbers on the bill, if provided by Sponsor
  • Provide a Sponsorship Information Release Form to student to be able to release financial information to Sponsor if needed

Student will provide the Sponsor with the following: