Parents and Other Delegates

Under federal FERPA regulations students have total authority over the privacy of their data and whether to share it with parents or guardians. Therefore, access to grades and financial information can only be granted by the student, regardless of the person's relationship to the student. The University of Kansas cannot provide access to a student's parent, guardian or other individuals.

Students can create a delegate in Enroll & Pay so another person can view your account balance, obtain eBills, and process online payments on their behalf.

Granting Access

A student can grant access to their academic and financial information by designating a parent or other person as a delegate in Enroll & Pay. This access can be granted or revoked at any time. The Office of the Registrar website has more information on delegate access, including instructions for both students and delegates.

The student is ultimately responsible for any amounts owed to KU. Therefore, it is important students make sure that delegates who assist with financial obligations are aware of payment due dates, amounts owed, KU policy and procedures, etc.