eBill Information

eBills are created on or about the 21st of each month and are due on the 15th of the following month.

  • You will receive a notification at your KU email address each time a new eBill is created and added to your online account. You can change your email address in Enroll & Pay by selecting the Personal Details tile then Contact Details.
  • eBills will include details of current charges. Prior monthly detail can be found by viewing past bills. Bills are available for the current year and past four years only.

How to View or Print eBill

  1. Log in to Enroll & Pay and select the Student Financials tile
  2. Select Account Services
  3. Select Print or View a Bill

Adding a Parent or Other Delegate

You can create a delegate in Enroll & Pay so another person can view your account balance, obtain eBills, and process online payments on your behalf. By providing an email address for each delegate, they will be notified electronically each time an eBill is created.

Please remember that this is your account and you are ultimately responsible for any amounts owed to KU. Therefore, it is very important that you make sure those who assist you with your financial obligations are aware of payment due dates, amounts owed, KU policy and procedures, etc. In addition, KU can only provide information regarding your account to others if you establish a delegate. Instructions can be found on the Registrar website

Paying by Check

To pay by paper check, you must print your eBill and submit it along with your check. All payments mailed to the lockbox in St. Louis must include the printed form. Failure to do this will delay the process of your payment. In addition, please include student KUID number on the check.

      Why Do You Have a Balance?

      Prior balance does not mean you still owe. The prior balance reflects the ending balance from your last bill. All payments received since your last bill (including financial aid) will be reflected on your current statement. Please refer to "pay this amount" to determine if you have a balance due.