Optional Campus Fees

Students can choose to purchase a variety of optional products and services offered by KU and affiliate organizations, including:

  • All-Sports Combo Package
  • Lied Center Performance Pass
  • Beak 'Em Bucks
  • Career Assessments
  • Jr. Williams Fund
  • KU Fit Group Fitness Pass
  • Contributions to the Board of Class Officers
  • Contributions to the Student Legislative Awareness Board
  • Alumni option for KUMC nurses and health professions 

Some vendors even offer discounts on their products and services when purchased through the Optional Campus Fees program.

Optional Campus Fees are only available during the enrollment period for New Student Orientation for new students and during the main enrollment period for returning students. Optional Campus Fees are not available during add/drop times.

Students may purchase directly from campus vendors during the semester; however, the vendors will require payment at the time of sale. Products and services purchased through the Optional Campus Fees program will be billed with students' tuition. Participating students are able to receive their product or services at any time during the ensuing semester or year (depending on the product or service). Optional Campus Fees are now integrated with your online enrollment process.

How to Select Optional Campus Fees

Step 1: Log in to Enroll & Pay

Log in to the secure Enroll & Pay system by entering your KU Online ID and password.

NOTE: While logged into Enroll & Pay, you should not use the web browser's back button. This has been known to cause problems.

Step 2: Click on the "Manage Classes" Tile

The Manage Classes tile is the area set up for all enrollment services including Optional Campus Fees.

Step 3: Click on "Select Optional Campus Fees"

You will see a list of available products and services.

Step 4: Select your Options

The check boxes on this page will allow you to select each individual Optional Campus Fees that you would like to select. If you notice that the check box is grayed out and cannot be selected, that means you can no longer choose or cancel this option.

Step 5: Click yellow "Save" button

Make sure to select the Save button at the bottom of the page to complete the Optional Campus Fees selection process.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Optional Campus Fees can be purchased online as part of your enrollment process in Enroll and Pay.

Returning students can only sign up for Optional Campus Fees during fall and spring enrollment sessions. The dates for purchasing options are listed by the individual vendor under Products and Services.

For most Optional Campus Fees products and services, you must be enrolled in at least one hour; however, in order to be eligible to purchase the All Sports Combo, you must be enrolled in at least six credit hours each semester.

Most of the Optional Campus Fees vendors have their own websites that provide detailed information about themselves and their products.

You can pay for your Optional Campus Fees products and services in any of the following ways:

  1. When you pay tuition — Optional Campus Fees are included with your semester tuition and they are itemized for what options you selected. Your bill for your semester tuition and campus fees may be viewed online at the Enroll & Pay website.
  2. Financial aid — Optional Campus Fees can be included with your semester tuition and will show each individual option you choose and will go through the financial aid process.
  3. Nelnet — The Nelnet Monthly Payment Plan lets you divide lump sum tuition bills into easy-to-manage monthly payments including Optional Campus Fees! The only cost is a low enrollment fee. See the website for more details.

Most Optional Campus Fees are products that are for the entire school year. There are a couple of products that may require you to sign up again during the next Enrollment period (e.g., Beak 'Em Bucks, KU Fit Pass).

You do not have to purchase the All Sports Combo. You already have your seat to all of the University of Kansas Football and Basketball games. Go Jayhawks!

You can cancel at any time before the option's final "last cancel" date. Simply follow the instructions to add options in the Sign Up Online Section and when you have made your changes click on Save again. Thereafter you must contact vendors on an individual basis, as each vendor has a different refund process.