Letter to Sponsored Students

Dear Sponsored Students:

The University of Kansas has long valued its relationship with our sponsoring colleagues. We coordinate for hundreds of donors and thousands of students each year.

The standard sponsor invoice from Enroll & Pay combines all covered students onto one bill. Our system is also able to produce a “Single Student” sponsor invoice which lists each person on a separate bill, along with the number of hours enrolled for the current term. Your sponsor is permitted to choose which type invoicing is preferred.

Increasingly sponsors have outsourced payment processing to a third party, and/or have made special invoicing or documentation requests. And some information disclosure is prohibited by federal FERPA law unless you have a valid Sponsored Student Information Release Form on file with this office.

We want to maintain a consistent and high level of customer service with our sponsor program, for future terms Student Accounts & Receivables will provide our standard invoicing to the sponsor as they designate. This means that any extra stipulations such as class schedules, cost breakdowns per course, returning extra documents to a sponsor, or requiring Student Accounts & Receivables personnel to certify other forms will not be provided. Based on your sponsor requirements, this may mean that you will need to play a more active role in providing such information to them to ensure timely processing and payment of your sponsorship in accordance with our program.

We strongly encourage you to contact your sponsor to discuss their invoicing requirements. Please note additional resource information contacts:

  • Fee schedules can be found online at registrar.ku.edu>Current Students>Fees (this lists class course fees, campus fees and tuition costs)
  • Official Transcripts (at an additional cost) from the Registrar’s Office
  • Certifications, Diplomas and Fee schedules (upon your request as a student) from the Registrar’s Office
  • You may initiate other services of interest through the Registrar’s Office
  • Late Fee removal requests must be made through assessment@ku.edu

Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.


The University of Kansas
Student Accounts & Receivables