Letter to Sponsors

Dear Sponsor:

Thank you for supporting your students in their educational pursuits. Your contributions make a difference in the academic careers and lives of scholars. The University of Kansas has long valued its relationship with our sponsoring colleagues. Please assist us by remembering the following points:

  • Student Accounts and Receivables Sponsorship Accountants are responsible for each term set up, billing for tuition and/or required student fees only as designated by the sponsor and settlement for the sponsor program.
  • Due dates for sponsorship authorizations are April 1st for summer; July 15th for fall; and December 15th for spring.
  • Please be sure to send to our sponsor group both sponsorship authorizations and financial guarantees, and then forward these to any additional university offices which you may need to submit them to.
  • The sponsor invoice will group all students covered on one bill. We are also able to produce a “Single Student” sponsor invoice which lists each person on a separate bill, along with the number of enrolled hours for the current term.
  • You will need to request the single student invoice at the time you submit your sponsorship. Accordingly, invoices are issued on or about a month after classes begin. Payment is expected by the invoice due date.
  • Occasionally sponsors have identified a third party for payment or made varying requests. Invoicing and communication will be made directly with the sponsor. Please understand that we are only able to provide system generated invoices. Items such as per-class cost calculations, listing of individual courses enrolled in, session dates of a particular term, and similar itemization are outside the scope of our invoicing system and cannot be supplied.
    • We encourage sponsors to utilize the sponsored student to secure other academic information as required. Please note additional resource information contacts:
      ​Fee schedules can be found online at registrar website > Tuition and Fees > Comprehensive Fee Schedule (this lists class course fees, campus fees and tuition costs)
    • Official Transcripts (at an additional cost) from the Registrar’s Office
    • Certifications, Diplomas and Fee schedules (upon the request of the student) from the Registrar’s Office
    • Late Fee removal requests must be made through assessment@ku.edu

While each organization will continue to have its own account representative within Student Accounts and Receivables, please copy stu.account@ku.edu. on all email correspondence in order to ensure a quicker response should your rep be out of the office. Student Accounts and Receivables hours are 8:00AM–5:00PM MTWF and 9:30AM–5:00PM on Th.


The University of Kansas, Student Accounts and Receivables​