Departmental Charges

If a department is having difficulty in collecting debts, or does not wish to collect the debts, they may request that Student Accounts and Receivables bill and collect the charge(s) on behalf of the department (except Parking & Transit). Student Accounts and Receivables should receive these charges within four months from the original sale/service date. The Student Financials System accepts students (past and present), faculty, staff, and non-university accounts with a social security number (provided by the department) or non-university accounts without a social security number. Student Accounts and Receivables will bill and attempt to collect the debt first then will send the debt to collection agencies as needed. In the event the debt is uncollectible, the debt will be written-off after five years. The department must retain back-up documentation for the debt.

To turn accounts over to Student Accounts and Receivables for further collections, the department should send a list containing: name, amount of charge, student ID number and/or social security number (SSN), address, and department income number (org, fund, account code) to be credited. If the debtor does not have an ID or SSN, please enter "No ID/SSN found".

Payments collected are credited to the income account set by the department. If no payment or response is received from the billings, the account is reviewed for referral to a commercial collection agency and to either the Kansas Department of Administration Setoff Program or the Board of Regents Setoff. The State Setoff Program will initiate procedures to match the debts against state warrants issued to the debtor. Debtor accounts for current University employees are referred to Regents Setoff instead of to the State Setoff Program. Debts are then deducted from employee pay. If the collection agency or the State Setoff Program is able to collect the debt, the University department's account is credited with the amount of collection and charged with a collection fee for the services of the agency.

Management reports are made available to the departments that use the Student Financials System for record keeping on these accounts. These reports are generated daily for those accounts with activity. Departments may be charged a portion of the cost of operating the Student Financials System if use contributes significantly to the cost of operating the system. Once an account is turned over to Student Accounts and Receivables for collection, the department should no longer include these amounts in their monthly summary report totals on accounts receivables.

Departments are allowed to make adjustments to an account if necessary.  Documentation is submitted to Student Accounts and Receivables including: name, student ID number/or SSN, date, reason, amount, department name, department income account number, and name of the person authorizing the adjustment.

A department may not write-off any accounts receivable without first sending charges to Student Accounts and Receivables for collection. The request to write-off accounts will be submitted by Student Accounts and Receivables when the debt is five years old, there has been no activity in the account for five years, and the debtor is not enrolled at The University of Kansas. The department must keep back up documentation for five years after the write off accounts are accepted by the State (approximately June of each year). For additional information, contact Student Accounts and Receivables at 864-3322.