Student Financials Responsibility Statement

Once you have read and understand the terms and conditions of this Student Financial Responsibility Agreement, you should indicate your consent by clicking the [Accept] checkbox below then the [Save] button.

Once you have read and are confident that you understand all of the terms and conditions of this Student Financial Responsibility Agreement ("Agreement"), you should indicate your consent and continue on to enroll for your class(es).

You will not be able to proceed with enrollment until you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Please read the full agreement details below. If you have any questions, please contact Student Accounts and Receivables at 785-864-3322 or the KUMC Student Financial Accounting Office at 913-588-2590.

Agreement of Student Financial Responsibility

My Responsibility

I acknowledge that enrolling for courses at the University of Kansas constitutes a financial obligation to the University. I understand and agree that I have personal financial responsibility for the payment of all tuition, fees, and other University of Kansas/University of Kansas Medical Center (“KU” or “University”) charges on my student account relating to my enrollment and/or attendance at KU. I understand that, regardless of any expected reliance on any third-party resources, including but not limited to financial aid, family resources, employer reimbursement, government assistance or any other external resources, I remain personally and solely responsible for paying any and all outstanding balances.  

Student Age

I understand and agree that if I am younger than the applicable age of majority when I execute this agreement that the educational services provided by The University of Kansas are a necessity, and I am contractually obligated pursuant to the “doctrine of necessaries.”


After I enroll, I understand that my bill will be made available online and I will be sent notification of its availability to my University ( or e-mail address. If I do not receive an e-mail notification, I agree that I am still responsible for the required payment and it is my responsibility to log into Enroll & Pay to view and pay any and all charges by the due date. The current published tuition and fees schedules are available at Tuition and fees charges are subject to change every semester. 

Third-Party Sponsors or Financial Aid

If I expect third party sources or financial aid to pay all or part of my financial obligation to the University, I understand that it is my responsibility to meet all requirements of grantors, lenders, employers, and other third parties on a timely basis to ensure disbursement of financial aid or sponsorships to my student account. I understand that if my financial aid or sponsorship is reduced or cancelled for any reason, I remain responsible for any outstanding balance and for reimbursing to the University any amounts that I am not eligible to receive.  I also agree that KU may discuss my account with any third party sponsors.

Payment Due Date

Payment for all outstanding charges is due the 15th of every month.

Late Fees

I understand KU will assess a $100 late payment fee for the first and second month of the Fall and Spring terms ($50 for Summer term) for any unpaid tuition and fee balances and thereafter a 1.5% charge if I fail to pay in full by the due date.

Tuition Adjustment:

I understand dropping hours or totally withdrawing from KU may result in charges owed to KU based on the classes dropped and dates of the drop or withdrawal.  Information on dropping or withdrawing can be found online at I understand if I withdraw from a term or drop classes after a class begins, I will be responsible for all or a percentage of the tuition charged. The adjustments of tuition will be made in accordance with KU’s academic calendar ( for classes that meet the full term and the short course list dates ( for courses with alternate dates.  I understand that it is my responsibility to withdraw from the University by using Enroll & Pay ( within the appropriate deadlines for any semester to avoid financial obligation. Contact the Office of the University Registrar immediately if there are error messages or constraints in using the online process.

Treatment of Federal Financial Aid Program Funds (Title IV Funds)

If I am a recipient of Title IV grant or loan assistance (e.g., Federal Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, PLUS loans, Federal Perkins Loans)  and I withdraw from KU during the semester, KU must determine the amount of Title IV grant or loan assistance (excluding Federal Work Study) that was earned as of my withdrawal date based on a specific formula. I understand that if I withdraw during the semester and have received unearned Title IV funds, those funds must be returned to the appropriate Title IV programs. I agree that I am responsible for returning to KU any Title IV funds that were disbursed directly to me and for which I am determined to be ineligible based on the return of Title IV funds calculation.

Any amount of unearned grant funds that I must return is called an overpayment.  KU will notify me of the overpayment amount for which I will be responsible to repay and provide a copy of the return of Title IV funds calculation. I agree to pay the overpayment in full to KU within 45 days of notification or I will be subject to the University’s receivable collections process.  If I am unable to pay the overpayment in full to KU, I may also make satisfactory arrangements to repay with the Department of Education.  Before doing so, I will contact KU Student Accounts and Receivables or KUMC Student Financial Accounting for better coordination with the agency on repayment. I understand that this responsibility is separate from any funds owed to KU to cover unpaid institutional charges, however, KU may also charge me for any amount of unearned Title IV program funds that KU was required to return on my behalf to the Department of Education.  For any loan funds that must be returned, I agree to repay in accordance with terms of the promissory note.

No Refunds Under $1.00

I understand that any credit balance less than $1.00 will not be refunded. A dormancy charge to the credit balance will be placed on the account.

Placement of Financial Holds

I understand KU will place a Financial Hold on my student record if I fail to pay all charges assessed to my student account by the due date. I also understand this Financial Hold will prevent the release of my academic transcripts and diploma and will prevent me from enrolling in future semesters until the debt to KU has been paid in full. 

Billing Disputes

I understand that if I believe a charge on my bill is incorrect, it is my responsibility to contact the department or office that has assessed the charge.

Collection Activity on Past Due Accounts

I understand that if my account becomes delinquent, KU reserves the right to pursue legal action against me, to transfer my delinquent account to a collection agency/Kansas State Setoff and/or report any delinquency to credit bureau(s). In addition to my outstanding balance, I agree to pay the University’s costs and fees, including attorneys’ fees and the fees of collection agencies, incurred in any litigation or collection activity resulting from my failure to pay. 


I acknowledge that the enrollment action constitutes a financial obligation between me and the University and all proceeds of this agreement will be used for educational purposes and constitute an educational loan pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §523(a)(8). I understand and agree educational and related fees that are charged to my student account are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy absent an undue hardship determination will remain due after the bankruptcy is discharged, pursuant to United States Bankruptcy Code, 11U.S.C.  §523(a)(8). 

Electronic Business and Communication

I agree to conduct business, including but not limited to signing this Agreement and incurring financial obligations, with KU electronically. I authorize KU and its agents, representatives, attorneys, and contractors (including collection agencies) to contact me at the current or any future mobile phone number, home phone number and email address I provide to KU, including by way of automated telephone dialing equipment, or artificial or prerecorded voice or text messages, for purposes of University business, including collecting any portion of my student financial obligation which is due or past due. 

KU Policy

I acknowledge and agree that this Agreement does not alter my obligations under the policies of the University of Kansas, which are set forth at, and that this Agreement should be read in concert with such policies.

I hereby acknowledge I have read this Agreement in its entirety and understand it. By clicking on the I AGREE button below, I am consenting to be bound by this Agreement. 

Contact Information

KU Student Accounts & Receivables
1246 West Campus Road, Room 1
Lawrence, KS 66045

What would you like to do?

How do I view my bill?

The University of Kansas does not mail paper invoices; instead you’ll be notified by email that a new eBill has been generated.  To obtain your eBill, login to Enroll & Pay then select:  Campus Finances >  View/Print Bill.

What are my payment options?

  • PAY ONLINE through Enroll & Pay with eCheck, Bank Wire or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express)
  • Mail in a personal check, cashier's check or money order to the above address.
  • Pay in person with check or money order to our Cashiers in Carruth O'Leary, Room #1
  • A payment plan4 through Nelnet is another option.  There is a deadline each semester to enroll. Payments must be made by the 1st of each month to Nelnet to avoid late fees.  This plan is not for past due balances owed to KU.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Sign up through Enroll & Pay at:  Campus Finances > Direct Deposit for Refunds;  OR fill out a Direct Deposit Authorization Form (pdf) and bring it to Student Account Services.

What if I want to appeal a late fee?

Go to the KU Registrar’s home page and complete an online Fee Petition under the “Tuition & Fees” link

How do I access my 1098-T tax form?

In Enroll & Pay go to: Campus Finances, then “View 1098-T”.  The first time you retrieve a 1098-T electronically, you (or your student) need to read the 1098-T consent agreement, then click the green “submit” button.

To Do Checklist
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit. This is University policy. Not signing up for direct deposit will cause your refund to be delayed.
  • Set up parents, guardians, or significant others as delegates. Delegates will have access to designated information in your account. Setting up delegates allows KU to discuss your account with designated individuals. 
  • Set up payment delegates in TouchNet. This will allow delegates to make payments on your student account.
  • Provide your Social Security number to the Registrar's office for 1098-T reporting. Failure to do so may result in a fee assessed to you by the IRS.
  • Keep your contact information updated in Enroll & Pay. This can be done in the Student Center in the Personal Information section.
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